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Last Chance To Secure Important Wildlife Corridor

This is classed by the Qld Government as Core Koala Habitat.

It's also the last Mountains To Mangroves link in this area linking Cabbage Tree Creek and the massive Dawn Road Reserve and beyond.

From BCC PDonline (public information):

Development Application

The Development Application was twice refused by BCC on every single point.

415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs development applicants are Mr Kandula Neelakanta Gupta & Mrs Tammana Vani Gupta and 427 Beckett Rd Pty Ltd.

Full details of the 415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs Development Application can be found here.

Details of the MOST recent 415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs development application refusal by BCC can be found here.

It's now in the Planning & Environment Court. Details here.

This document sets out the overwhelming environmental value of this bushland habitat and wildlife corridor. Yet the would-be developers push on in the face of that and also opposition from the vast majority of the local community.


415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs Petition 1 Voted against by BCC in 2021.

415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs Petition2

415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs Petition 3


Residents were surveyed in 2021. It is abundantly clear that this development is not wanted, and that this pricless bushland, wildlife habitat and corridor should be preserved.

Q01: Are you aware of the importance of corridors/connectivity between wildlife habitat areas for feed, water and genetic-diversity reasons?5914
Q02: Are you aware that there is a Development Application (DA) for 415-427 Beckett Rd?46153
Q03: Are you aware that the DA for 415-427 Beckett Rd proposes a petrol station, multiple fast-food outlets, a childcare center and many townhouses?4717
Q04: Are you aware that the DA is currently in the State Environment & Planning Court with BCC fighting the DA?37225
Q05: Do you think that there is a need for a petrol station at that location?6562
Q06: Do you think that there is a need for multiple fast-food outlets at that location?4564
Q07: Do you think that there is a need for a new childcare centre at that location?577
Q08: Do you think that there is a need for many townhouses at that location?361
Q09: Are you generally concerned about the impacts of such a development?613
Q10: Do you think that development is more important than wildlife habitat/corridor at that location?4582
Q11: Are you aware of the full details of the current version of Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan that is going to State Govt for consideration?134110
Q12: Are you aware that Cabbage Tree Creek is part of the well-established Mountains To Mangroves wildlife corridor which is declared as being of State Importance?4969
Q13: Are you aware that the bushland that crosses Beckett Rd between Cabbage Tree Creek and Dawn Rd Reserve is the LAST and VERY IMPORTANT wide-scale wildlife corridor in the area, and is designated by the State Government as Core Koala Habitat?44164
Q14: Are you aware that this habitat/corridor is known by authorities to support koalas, wallabies, gliders, ringtail possums, important bird species, platypuses and more?5185
Q15: Do you think that the Federal Government is doing enough to preserve the local wildlife habitat/corridors?3574
Q16: Do you think that the State Government is doing enough to preserve the local wildlife habitat/corridors?361
Q17: Do you think that BCC is doing enough to preserve the local wildlife habitat/corridors?3583
Q18: BCC paid about $6m to acquire bushland at 818 Rode Rd, McDowall. With $50m+ in the BCC Bushland Acquisition Fund do you think that a further $6m would be money well-spent in acquiring/preserving wildlife habitat/corridor to span Beckett Rd for future generations?5653

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