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Current 415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs Wildlife Preservation Petitions

The main would-be developer of 415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs is ADPEN and Glossy Brochure

From BCC PDonline (public information):

Full details of the 415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs Development Application can be found here.

Details of the MOST recent 415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs development application refusal by BCC can be found here.

415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs Petition 1

415-427 Beckett Rd Bridgeman Downs Petition 2

Please help! Your reports are vital!

The purpose of this website is to enable the tracking of wildlife sightings in the beautiful suburbs of McDowall, Bridgeman Downs and adjoining suburbs, in Brisbane's North West.

The primary focus is on Koalas and Wallabies.

This website is not-for-profit. It is wholly and soley designed, privately funded and built to help save our local wildlife.

We all enjoy living in this beautiful area with its bushland and wildlife.

This website enables residents to report relevant wildlife sightings. This can be done while out and about via your mobile, or later at home via mobile or other means. If you see something relevant or significant - PLEASE use this website to report it.

The information gathered can be used for general interest, or to provide an accurate picture of the wildlife situation.

With the sad demise of wildlife in our suburbs, information gathered can also sadly include the frequent wildlife kills.

Wildlife CAN co-exist within suburbia. The more information we have, the better we can achieve this happy co-existence.

658 sightings so far!

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