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Early 2020: BCC have installed some new wildlife fencing at some wildlife kill hotspots.

Jan 2020: Petition started to urge BCC to secure a wildlife corridor across Beckett Rd at Bridgeman Downs linking Cabbage Tree Creek (Mountains To Mangroves Corridor) west to Dawn Road Reserve. More Info   Petition .

August 2019: BCC advise that the shelf will be installed in the Beckett Rd culvert. See below for more.

Early 2019: Northern Catchments Network was reformed to look after Cabbage Tree Creek / Downfall Creek catchments.

Early 2019: BCC advise that they will be looking at the wildlife situation in the area centred on McDowall in the 2019/2020 financial year.

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The general McDowall area is blessed with some fantastic wildlife, quite unique for Brisbane.

However, wallabies, koalas and other wildlife are being wiped out at an incredible rate. And it's getting worse with increased traffic, a lot of it from outside the area.

RSPCA are buckling under the load of injured animals.

BCC data as far back as 2013 clearly identifies hotspots for wallaby deaths. Increased road signage hasn't helped as much as hoped as most drivers ignore it.

Some very cheap and simple fixes have been identified by locals that would cost very little, and prevent an enormous number of wildlife deaths.

Most BCC staff have proven to be caring and professional in the area of wildlife, but are hampered by insufficient funding.

Further to the BCC's figures, there are many animals taken to vets, and others still lie in the overgrowth beside the road to this day.

Hopefully funds will soon be found for intelligent application of fencing, one-way gates, and the likes of gates that can be opened in the rare event of bushfire (possibly remotely as it's 2019, not 1919).

Rode Rd

This is an extremely deadly stretch of road for wildlife.

It bounds Raven St Reserve and the TMR Future Transport corridor.

The obvious solution is fencing, not just to protect the wildlife, but to prevent wildlife on the road causing crashes.

Hamilton Rd

The Hamilton Rd wildlife land bridge is fantastic.

Trouble is that not far from it the fences end and wildlife gets onto Hamilton Rd with lethal results.

BCC recently installed fencing to close a small gap at the end of De Mille St where wildlife was getting up behind the timber barrier and then onto Hamilton Rd.

Beckett Rd Culvert Wildlife Underpass

The culvert under Beckett Rd is an important element for safe passage of wildlife along the Mountains To Mangroves corridor.

The experts say its so important for genetic diversity.

But that culvert under Beckett Rd has been blocked for years by backed up water.

A wildlife shelf/ledge for that culvert was slated previously by BCC. Griffith University's Professor Darryl Jones (a world expert on wildlife movement) states "Most mammals will refuse to walk into water, they just don't like getting their feet wet".

Unfortunately, wildlife is going through an unfenced area (Althorp Rd) straight onto Beckett Rd and being slaughtered by the 70kph traffic.

BCC advised that the wildlife shelf would be installed in the 2019/2010 financial year. Regrettably, this didn't happen, and BCC are still looking at issues like the possibility of debris catching on the shelf.

Trouts Rd / TMR Corridor

This is a particularly deadly area for wildlife.

Wallabies are wiped out on Rode and Trouts Rds at a terrible rate.

This is also a danger to drivers.

The SAM speed monitoring shows more than half of the drivers on Trouts Rd are over the 50kph limit. Police can't spend lots of time on this.

The traffic calming on Raven St is welcome, but as there is none on Trouts Rd, the problem may simply have shifted and concentrated.

In mid-late 2018 it was suggested to BCC that keeping the verges clear of vegetation could reduce the wildlife carnage substantially.

TMR say the future transport corridor won't be fenced unless part of a road project, possibly for 15 years.

TMR passed the responsibility to BCC.

Costner Place

This is another particularly lethal spot for wildlife, despite its location in the back streets of McDowall.

A large wildlife warning sign has been moved to a better place on the other side of the street.

The wildlife are happily and successfully using a nearby safe corridor, but can still get killed when trying to cross Costner Place.

BCC recently installed some "deflector" fencing and it seems to have improved things.

If this doesn't help, full fencing with a one-way wildlife gate, as used in other parts of Australia, and the world, might be effective in allowing stray wildlife back into Chermside Hills Reserve, but not out onto the road at this deadly location. Moreton Bay Council have installed one-way devices to allow stray koalas off Kremzow road, but not onto it.

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