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If you have found injured wildlife that needs assistance, please FIRST report it to 1300 ANIMAL before reporting it to this website. Reports to this website of injured wildlife are NOT automatically passed on.

An Internet connection is required to submit your report.

If you are using a mobile, you might like to use GET LOCATION first to use your current location for your report.

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Your report/s to this website will help build a picture of what's happening, good or bad. As time goes on, and more reports are received, that picture will become very clear and detailed.

Information can then be submitted to the relevant authorities at the appropriate opportunities in order to help save our suburban wildlife.

In the case of dead animals, tree scratchings, scats, snake skins etc that don't change from day to day, please check the sightings map first as it may have already been reported. Thanks.

Help with identifying scats can be found Here.

Help with identifying birds can be found Here.

Sightings may also include simply hearing wildlife in a location. For example, a whip bird is very loud and distinctive, but rarely seen! Same applies to the Common Koel which "serenades" us in October each year!

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Your personal info will be completely confidential and not made public.

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